The Panel Saw That Fits Your Needs

We manufacture low cost, high quality, and accurate vertical panel saws and razor knife cutters for a wide variety of uses. Our panel saws increase your productivity at just a fraction of the cost and size of other, more expensive machines.

Why Choose Saw Systems Panel Saws?

Saw Systems Manufacturing produces a top line of vertical panel saws and the most cost efficient prices for industrial panel saws in the industry. Our panel saws are produced in our own manufacturing facility, giving us the advantage of keeping the price down and the quality high. Our panel saws are factory squared, aligned, calibrated and assembled. When you compare our product to the competition, apples to apples, we feel you are getting a bushel of ours to a bag of theirs.

Our uniquely designed Panel Saws feature a Rotating Saw Plate that can be interchanged with other accessory plate options. This is great for those who want the ability to change to these options in a matter of moments and without an unnecessary upgrade charge. The standard 15 amp., 3-1/4 hp Milwaukee Saw Motor can use either 7-1/4" or 8-1/4" saw blades.

Why A Panel Saw?

• Panel saws are much safer, quicker, and easier to use than their table saw counterparts.

• Fast, repetitive cuts can be quickly re-produced through the use of a stop bar and tape system mounted on the panel saw.

• Accurate, square cuts are made on the panel saw the first time, every time.